Letter from President:

It is my honor to serve as the 2021-22 President of the Wisconsin Association of School Personnel Administrators. I am proud to serve in this role because of how strongly I believe in the important work of WASPA to serve and support school human resource professionals and our collaborative partners. 

This past year, more so than any, I have personally experienced the value of the resources, support, and professional connections available through WASPA. Looking forward, I am excited by the tremendous opportunity ahead of us to expand upon the collective value of WASPA for our members and partners. To do this, I challenge all of our WASPA members to commit to the following three activities:

Get More Involved with WASPA:
There are countless ways to contribute to WASPA; join a committee, volunteer to present at a conference, attend a regional meeting, share a resource, refer a new member or business affiliate, provide constructive feedback, or consider running for a board position to name a few. This next year, push yourself slightly out of your comfort zone. Whatever you decide to do, I am confident you will find your further involvement to be both personally and professionally rewarding. 

Maximize WASPA resources: 
One of our core values is serving our members by providing vital communication and resources for successful HR administration. Take some time to explore the WASPA website and learn more about all that WASPA has to offer. You will find a wealth of resources, professional development opportunities, and communications geared toward a wide range of school personnel professionals. And, if there is a service or support not provided by WASPA, we want your feedback. 

Expand your professional network:
Whether you are new to the profession or an established verteran, you can always benefit from a stronger professional network. Many of us are guilty of not dedicating enough effort to procuring this network and we suffer as a result; WASPA can help! Commit to attending your regional meetings, send a welcome email to the “new person” in a neighboring district, attend a conference, volunteer to serve as a mentor, or simply make time to get a cup of coffee with someone new. These little actions will pay dividends in the long run.  

The three recommendations listed above serve two important purposes. First, each will benefit you as an individual both personally and professionally. We want our members to maximize the value and benefit of their membership in WASPA. Second, each item helps advance WASPA’s mission to engage and develop educational leaders to ensure the success of all students by maximizing the effectiveness of human resource practices in Wisconsin schools. By the very definition of “association”, our success hinges on our collective efforts and contributions. Thank you for your involvement in WASPA and for your commitment to serving the students, staff, and families of Wisconsin. Let's make this a great year!

Nate Jaeger
Director of Human Resources

DeForest Area School District